As vehicles become more advanced, security is our priority.
Make it yours too.
Within the next five years, a quarter of a billion vehicles with connected features will travel on roads across the globe.
Protect your customers.
FCA is dedicated to making safety a priority. The release 
of the latest secure
microPod II
is our latest initiative to increase security during the diagnostic process.
Rest easy knowing you are doing everything you can 
to keep your customers safe.
Security Recommendations
Mopar’s Aftermarket Security Task Force recommends the following to ensure your shop is taking the right steps to protect your customers.
Security Recommendations include:
Never purchase 
hardware or software 
on ebay, Craigslist or 
similar platforms
Only purchase your wiTECH 2.0 subscription from FCA directly here or from one of our approved resellers.
Only purchase the 
Mopar secure microPod 
from our approved Mopar hardware partner
Security has become one of the driving initiatives within the automotive industry. We see it as a universal mission to work together to ensure we are servicing vehicles safely.